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Why this stranger?

It's true! You should probably know a bit about me before trusting me to capture your big day. So let me fill you in.
Who am I?
Why me?
Where am I?
Hello! My name is Shinika, which I know can be difficult to pronounce. Phonetically it is Shh-nee-ka. Now we've cleared that up let me tell you about myself. 

I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Nottinghamshire. This means my passion is capturing your beautiful wedding moments and also all the moments in your life around that. For example; engagements, newborn shoots etc. 

I fell in love with photography at school and have had quite the love/hate relationship with it going through education, right up until my university degree. However, with all the knowledge I have from studying it for seven years I have found what I love and what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I stumbled into wedding photography after I finished university in the first Covid lockdown. I was asked by a family member to photograph their intimate Covid wedding and ended up shadowing their professional photographer for the day. That was it, I haven't looked back.  After working alongside her and learning about the trade, and particularly women in the industry, it's all I've wanted to do.

Since working as a wedding photographer full time, I now get to love every moment of photography, understanding the importance of special little moments recorded forever and capturing the love and connection a couple hold for one another.
Its hard to know who to trust with such a mighty task of capturing your wedding day. So let me tell you why I might be perfect for you. 

Female photographers are far and hard to find, but can actually be a big difference in how your photographs come out. With a more subtle presence, we know how to command a room without being forceful. Great with children, I find techniques to get those tricky children photographs integrated into your album without the tongues and funny faces (and fitting them in too). I have found I hide into the background and fit into those small gaps too for those candids we all love to see. 

Aged 25 my youthfulness will mean you can see me running for shots, rolling along the floor and essentially gazelle-ing myself into all sorts of positions to capture new and thoughtful shots. I'm also very up to date with computers, editing software and social media. I am constantly watching videos and feeds on new photography techniques. Pinterest is my best friend and I love making a wedding board.  Contact is also easy with me as my phone is always in my pocket.

I'm not stuck in my ways, I'm learning and ready to try out anything you've seen before. You want smoke bombs, lets get smoke bombs. You want to stand in a lake, I'll bring a change of clothes. I am here completely for you and I trust your imagination as much as I hope you'll trust mine. 

I've also worked with a lot of photographers. Through shadowing a photographer during their weddings I have learned greatly but I have also been trained by some very professional and working photographers during my time at University. Having my work critically analysed and my skills enhanced, I am the professional photographer for your day.
I live in Nottingham. Midlands weddings are my main market at the moment, however, as a young photographer, I don't have anything holding me back and so I am super flexible to photograph anywhere in the world. Nottingham is a great location for travel, based in essentially the middle of the UK, I can drive to pretty much anywhere and have multiple airports to choose from if going abroad. 

I have already done weddings across the UK, from Staffordshire to Norfolk and Coventry. No distance will stop my ability to be there for you on your big day.

I have family across the country too, so factoring in hotel costs doesn't always need to be considered in your package. I'm not one to turn away an airbed and a lounge floor at a family member's home if it means I get to make a bride and groom happy on her wedding day. 
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